Prince, our Erotic Torch Bearer

I danced to Prince, massaged to Prince and fucked to Prince.

Prince was an ally when I was working in the sex industry. It was as if Prince was the patron saint of Eroticism and all its associated work. If Prince wasn’t actually in the room with me, he was an ephemeral guardian angel as I journeyed through the sex industry.

The shock and grief I felt since the news came through of his passing is real. But it’s also a challenge and reminder of being awake to the creative life force. In the midst of tears at Prince’s passing, I paradoxically feel an outsurge of creative energy. It’s time to heed Prince’s call, and get on with making and creating art.

Work as art. Service as art. Sex as art.

Whatever your art is, tap into the life-force and create. That’s what he would want us to do and the lesson he left with us.

1. Why Prince was a hero to strippers.

“When it came to erotic lyricism, Prince went deeper, came up sweatier,
and managed to elevate base sexuality into something ethereal. He knew what we knew:
That sex was sacred, and it didn’t have to be denatured or defunkified to be pure.
Shot through with religiosity, Jesus was never far away in Prince’s lyrics. Raw was holy.
Listen up, he told us, the dirty is the divine.”

2. Prince’s imagination it seemed, would just keep breaking down boundaries until they dissolved altogether.

”The music is an invitation to a orgy. Of whatever kind you so desire, spiritual, physical, emotional.
You don’t get too many of those invites in a lifetime.
So now take his. Take him home.”

3. An elusive virtuoso who refused binary categorisation and embraced ambiguity and female desire.

“I’m not a woman/I’m not a man/I am something that you’ll never understand.”

4. Mourning Prince and David Bowie, who showed there’s no right way to be a man.

“Prince’s appearance on the Super Bowl stage in 2007 was an argument,
at this particular worship service dedicated to traditional masculinity,
for a vastly huger range of possible ways for a man to command the nation.”

Prince was our torchbearer, channelling his genius to pave the way for Eroticpreneurs to use creativity as a source of inspiration and transcendence.

Prince, thank you for everything you gave to us. Now it’s our time to be the Erotic torchbearers.
Y x


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