The Erotic Entrepreneur Power Shot

The Erotic Entrepreneur Power Shot session will equip you with clarity, vision and a plan. If you have a business idea but are paralysed by thoughts like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this or even if it’s a good idea’ – then this session is for you.

Or maybe you have moved beyond that, into the realm of, ‘What do I do now? Where on earth do I start?’ By the end, you’ll know if you’re on the right path and where to go next.

Or perhaps, your business is already established but you’re ready to step up to a new level of visibility and success.

The Power Shot Session will energise you and your business, regardless of where you are in the business cycle. 

How the Power Shot Session Works

This is an intensive 90minute meeting where we dive right into your business or idea. We’ll get to the heart of your erotic revolution. We’ll identify, or clarify, your niche, position your Onlyness (what makes YOU you unique) and identify the juiciest, most aligned entrepreneurial opportunities for you.

Then from this we build on the research, map out the foundation (or future direction) of your business and strategise on the seed, and shape, of your erotic revolution.

Following the conversation, you’ll receive a customised and workable action plan tailored to your entrepreneurial revolution.

“You are wonderful and I look forward to positive changes in my life. Thanks.”

What you Receive from the Power Shot Session 

A 90 minute consultation (either in person or via Skype) PLUS a customised, detailed action plan delivered to your inbox. You choose how to use the 90minutes of time:

1 x 90minutes

2 x 45minutes

1 x 60minutes + 1 x 30minutes

What Eroticpreneurs Say

“I really appreciated the time you spent today to talk with me about the various challenges I am facing in expanding my business marketing at the moment.


Your practical and knowledgeable advice, combined with such an accessible and genuine way of engaging, was exactly the support and inspiration I needed. No trace of ‘one stop fits all’ but directly addressing my specific situation and context.


Many many thanks.”


November 2015

Investment for Power Shot Session

Investment for Australian Residents

$497AUD + $49.70GST

Investment Rest of World