Maximise 2018 with the Eroticpreneur Mastermind Business Program


6 Months

10 Erotic Entrepreneurs

 March 2018


1 Powerful Business Mastermind

The focussed intention of this mastermind is to bring together 10 on-purpose Erotic Entrepreneurs who are:


  • about to launch
  • recently launched
  • in the birthing phase of your business


Importantly you’re now ready to maximise and optimise success potential with the help of this Eroticpreneurs only mastermind program.

This small group program is tailored to your needs

I put this program together specfically for people who identify as Erotic Entrepreneurs – having been one myself I know how lonely and isolating the work can be. But I also know how important your work is – after all, not every one is called to be an Erotic Entrepreneur. 

I also know the importance of support and the power of receiving quality, professional and experienced mentoring by an industry insider.


  • We focus on the topics that you need most help with
  • We keep you accountable for the actions that you want to take
  • We challenge your thinking so you can move your business forward

Every three weeks over SIX months we meet to

  • hold you accountable (yes – scary!)
  • brainstorm and support (less scary)
  • strategise (strategising is sexy)
  • check in with each other (the best part)
  • collaborate (possibly the 2nd best part)
  • achieve (ooh yeah)
  • stay focused on success (we are serious about success in this mastermind)

How the Eroticpreneur Mastermind Program Works

  • We meet online via ZOOM
  • We meet every 3 weeks over 6 months period to build revolutionary momentum for 2018
  • Starting March 2018 we meet for 9 x 60 minute calls
  • Meeting times will be determined once group has formed
  • We’ll take your action roadmap and get you to launch stage and beyond
  • This is the ultimate in focused support, coaching and co-creation with a clear end goal: to bring your vision to life
  • Meetings are a combination of 1-on-1 coaching, consulting and mentoring
  • A pre-session clarifying questionnaire
  • Customised advice, accountability and unwavering support are all part of the mastermind
  • Places are strictly limited to 10 ensure you get the most concentrated doses of my time, attention and brilliance. 

What We Cover

Module 1: Clarity + Purpose = Getting Real

In this module we do the hard yet vital work work of being honest with ourselves about our relationship to money. Be warned, this module is designed to get real, down to the detail and crunch numbers. Equally as important we examine the WHY of your work and begin the work of finding your blue ocean and ideal customers.

Module 2: Business Offerings, Structure and Systems

In this module we review your offerings, pricing and how they stand up against the numbers. We refine the work of the blue ocean so that you create unique offerings that clients will pay for. We look at your business structure and begin the process of implementing money systems to move forward.

Module 3: Working Through Resistance, Sabotage and Obstacles

In modules 1 and 2 we began the outer work of business and money. In this module we do the important inner work of uncovering your resistances and self-imposed obstacles as well as identifying your sabotage strategies. Think of Module 3 as the bridge of the program.

Module 4: Mapping out Strategy

In this module we map out your moving forward strategy. We’ll take time to look at your website to ensure that it does the job its meant to do - showcase and convert. We’ll go through best practices for website usability and optimise your site. Now that your offerings and price-points have been refined we’ll review your brand, website and content to ensure congruency.

Module 5: The Hustle is Real aka Getting Your G-String On

In module 5, the work of the previous four modules serves as a platform to now when you take your newly refined and correctly priced offerings to market. As Eroticpreneurs we’ll then explore sales as serving your clients over selling to them.

Module 6 - Synthesis

In Module 6 the focus is on synthesis as we bring together all the previous modules into your business as you launch your erotic revolution out into the world.

What you receive…

The Eroticpreneur Mastermind gives you premium and powered up support with energy and inspired action


The Eroticpreneur Mastermind will have you feeling supported and secure, but also jazzed and energised about taking those big leaps you’ve been dreaming about.


The Eroticpreneur Mastermind is for you if you’re ready to take your visibility, influence and success to Eroticpreneur level.

Regular Email Support

Momentum is key and only a click away. I check in with you regularly you have permission to check in with me.

Recordings of all Sessions

You’ll receive lifetime access to the full audio library of all our sessions so you can review them anytime.

Life-Time Access

Written transcripts of all sessions, lifetime access to members area + course materials and supportive Facebook group.

The Eroticpreneur Mastermind is for Erotic Entrepreneurs who are ready to up-level. 

If self-doubts like: “I don’t know what to do next” and “I don’t know if I can do this” are holding you back, NOW is the time to take inspired action.


I’ll remind you that yes, you do and yes, you can!  That’s the mantra of this mastermind. Think of me as your go-to-person who steps in to unravel problems and put things in perspective.


You’ll be ready to put the wheels in motion and charge forward.

About Me

Having worked in erotic and adult businesses, I bring my hustle, lived experience and inside industry experience to all my clients. 

Three years ago I started Erotic Entrepreneur Business Mastery as a way to directly serve the diverse global community of Erotic Entrepreneurs. I even coined the term Eroticpreneur to describe the intersection of business, entrepreneurship and the erotic space.

My clients include people on the gender spectrum in the varying ways in which they serve their communities – psychotherapists, workshop leaders, erotic creatives, owners of adult retail outlets, fetish escorts, dominatrixes and directories.

Nowadays I get my thrills supporting Eroticpreneurs as they up-level, grow and scale their businesses. I’m also the founder of Your Online Business Agency, supporting good businesses grow to be better ones through delivering technical, digital, creative and social optimisation.


One thing I’ve learned is that no-one runs a business or leads a revolution on their own.


Erotic Entrepreneur Mastermind Payment Options

I offer two price-points for the Erotic Entrepreneur Business Mastermind – choose to pay in full or select the payment plan option (2nd and final payment is due 2 months from date of purchase). GST is applicable to Australian addresses. 

Pay in Full Australia

$2047.00AUD + GST

Pay in Full Rest of World


Payment Plan Australia

2 x $1173.50AUD + GST

Payment Plan Rest of World

2 x $1173.50AUD

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