Maximise 2017 with the Eroticpreneur Power Business Coaching Program


The Eroticpreneur Power Coaching Program is designed to give you everything you need to kick-start 2017: momentum, power and strategy.

  • The Eroticpreneur Power Coaching Program gives you premium and powered up dedicated help with energy and inspired action


  • The Eroticpreneur Power Coaching Program will have you feeling supported and secure, but also jazzed and energised about taking those big leaps you’ve been dreaming about.


  • The Eroticpreneur Power Coaching Program is for you if you’re ready to take your visibility, influence and success to Eroticpreneur level.

The Eroticpreneur Power Coaching Program is entirely tailored to your specific situation, needs and goals.

The Eroticpreneur Power Coaching Program is for Erotic Entrepreneurs who are ready to welcome more money, influence, clients and ease into their lives in 2017.

If self-doubts like: “I don’t know what to do next” and “I don’t know if I can do this” are holding you back, NOW is the time to take inspired action.


  • I’ll remind you that yes, you do and yes, you can! That’s my mantra. Think of me as your go-to-person. I’ll remind you that yes, you do and yes, you can! That’s my mantra. Think of me as your go-to-person who steps in to unravel problems and put things in perspective.


  • I’ll connect you with the key people who can help you realise your vision.


  • You’ll be ready to put the wheels in motion. I’ll coach you if you get stuck, but it’s much more than that – I’ll keep you charging forward.


  • Because you have no time to get lost in fear or stories about the past. If you start to waver, I’ll get you back on the straight and narrow. My goal is to keep you on track and showing up as the universe has planned.

How the Eroticpreneur Power Coaching Program Works

  • We meet either in real life (Sydney Australia) or via Skype
  • We meet fortnightly over a 12-week period to build your revolutionary momentum for 2017
  • We’ll take your action roadmap and get you to launch stage and beyond
  • This is the ultimate in focused support, coaching and co-creation with a clear end goal: to bring your vision to life
  • Sessions are a combination of 1-on-1 coaching, consulting and mentoring
  • A pre-session clarifying questionnaire
  • Customised advice, accountability and unwavering support are all part of the package
  • Clear direction + intensive 1-on-1 focus
  • Places are strictly limited to ensure you get the most concentrated doses of my time, attention and brilliance.

What’s Included in the Eroticpreneur Power Coaching Program

1 x 60min Planning Intensive

In this 60 minute intensive we'll map out your vision along with goals. clarify your business goals and get you on track to start working with more of your ideal clients.

6 x 60min 1-1 Power Coaching Sessions

Get ready, we cover a lot of ground! At the end of each session you’ll have an avalanche of strategies, shortcuts and practical steps to help you achieve your goals.

6 x 15min Accountability Calls

To keep you on track and accomplishing what you want to achieve, a 15minute accountability call is scheduled in-between sessions.

Regular Email Support

Momentum is key and only a click away. I check in with you regularly and I give you total permission to check in with me.

Recordings of all Sessions

You’ll receive access to the full audio library of all our sessions so you can review them anytime.

1 x 60min Integrative Session

In this 60 minute integrative session we'll reflect on your business goals the ground covered and on track as you move forward.

Subjects Covered in the Eroticpreneur Power Coaching Program

    • Mapping out a profitable business model to grow your revenue and business
    • Targeting and speaking to your ideal clients
    • Clarifying your most profitable niche
    • Mapping out offerings ideal clients want to buy
    • Email marketing and campaign planning
    • How to automate and what to automate in your business
    • Crafting your signature story + brand values

    • How to put a signature premium offer together
    • Sales page and marketing copy
    • Blogging and content creation
    • Effective and soul-fuelled sales conversations that focus on serving over sales
    • Implementing automation and systems
    • Building your subscriber list
    • Planning customer experience sequences

Are You Ready to Power Up 2017?

Outcomes from working with Erotic Entrepreneur Business Mastery

“The outcomes for me were simplifying my website which has led to more bookings and more income; created a clever sales page for my book launch which led to successful book launch events. I learnt about programs like Canva and Mail Chimp and how easy to use and useful they are.”

I offer a forty-five minute complimentary discovery call as a way to explore working together. Book your call by clicking the button below.