Welcome to Business Mastery for Erotic Entrepreneurs

We provide coaching, consulting + technical and digital services for Erotic Entrepreneurs as they build, grow and scale sustainable, profitable businesses.

Who We Are

Three years ago I started Erotic Entrepreneur Business Mastery as a way to directly serve the diverse global community of Erotic Entrepreneurs. I even coined the term Eroticpreneur to describe the intersection of business, entrepreneurship and the erotic space.

I’ve worked with people on the gender spectrum in the varying ways in which they serve their communities – psychotherapists, workshop leaders, erotic creatives, owners of adult retail outlets, fetish escorts, dominatrixes and directories. 

Our one and only goal is to support Eroticpreneurs as they up-level, grow and scale their businesses. 

One thing I’ve learned is that no-one runs a business or leads a revolution on their own.

Why Work With Us

 With industry experience and insider knowledge, we provide a safe, supportive and nurturing container 

 We provide premium and powered up dedicated help with energy and inspired action

 We will have you feeling supported and secure, but also jazzed and energised about taking those big leaps you’ve been visioning

 We’ll help you up-level your visibility, influence and success

We’ll support you in moving past self-doubts such as: “I don’t know what to do next” and “I don’t know if I can do this”

 We’ll provide a framework that supports you to take inspired action

 If self-doubts like: “I don’t know what to do next” and “I don’t know if I can do this” are holding you back, NOW is the time to take inspired action.

 We’re heart centred yet business savvy along with deep knowledge of the erotic space. 

 We focus on your business systems so that you can focus on growth and scale

What business support do you need?

One of our favourite things is seeing Eroticpreneurs get energised about building their businesses. Taking that first step is really powerful. But doing it on your own is slow, not to mention lonely – we’ll fast-track the process and keep you company.

With that in mind, nowadays, our services range from the unique Online Action Assistant, to one-on-one coaching and consulting to group programs such as our Mastermind or from Under-Earning to Profit for Erotic Entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to transform the overwhelm out of running a business into action + we’re experienced in the leading technical, digital and automation tools of today. 

Your 'Online Action Assistant'

Imagine your very own Eroticpreneur friendly Online Action Assistant to action technical, digital and automation tasks leaving you free to focus on what you do best – your genius zone.

One to One Business Support Services

Business support services tailored to Eroticpreneurs. Includes 1-1 coaching and consulting as well as technical, digital, automation, analytics and SEO tasks project by project.

Programs for Up-Levelling

Group online programs specifically designed for Eroticentreperneurs. Each we run two group programs – a small group mastermind + transforming your business from under-earning to profit.

Who we work with

Eroticpreneurs range from mistresses, fetish escorts, Tantra practitioners, sacred sexuality professionals, professional dominatrixes, psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches, body-workers, retailers of adult products, erotic creatives. 


Essentially an Eroticpreneur is someone who works at the intersection of business, entrepreneurship and the erotic space. As an example some of our clients  have been psychotherapists who work with gender and sexuality.

Why did you engage Erotic Entrepreneur Business Mastery?

“I have worked with other coaches that told me they can help me improve my business, website, and cashflow. As a result they advised me to do things that work for regular businesses, but don’t work (cos ive tried them) or will not work (not practical eg webinars and online training for Tantra massage).


Erotic Entrepreneur Business Mastery has helped me improve my client response and increase my income by simple changes to my website, helped me get comfortable with increasing my prices, and supported me by explaining and doing the “techie” things I don’t understand on my website “back-end”.”


Ally Thomas – My Tantra Massage

Our supported tools include:

Website CMS - WordPress, Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace

Appointment Scheduling Software

Payment Gateway Integration

Email Marketing

Landing Pages

Marketing Automation

Wordpress Themes

Wordpress Plugins

Landing Pages

We can assist in setting up and optimising…

Plus many more

Ready to optimise and monetise your erotic revolution?